Formal Wear Hire and Sales for Men and Boys

Aberdeen Football Club

Ancient Pride of Scotland

Autumn Pride of Scotland




Dark Isle Black

Dress Gordon

Dress Rangers

Gold Pride of Scotland

Grey Granite

Highland Pride of Scotland

Hunting McDonald

Hunting Pride of Scotland

Modern Baird

Modern Douglas

Platinum Pride of Scotland

Royal Stewart

Silver Pride of Scotland

Pride of Ireland

Pride of Wales

National Pride of Scotland

Modern McKenzie

Modern Pride of Scotland

New Hibernian FC

New Blue Ramsey

New Hebridean Heather

New Grey Stewart

New Royal Pride of Scotland

New Plain Black

Highland Wear has always been about making a bold statement. Today the choice available means an outfit can be personalised to make sure it speaks volumes about you.
Whether you are a stickler for tradition or determined to be individual, there is a look that’s right for you. Ultimately, it’s about wearing what you are comfortable with - and having fun.

We only hold stock of a few items to purchase like Kilt Pins, Sgian Dubhs, Black and Oatmeal Hose.

Below are the tartans available to hire. Please note: not all Tartans are available in boys. Also, we hire in Kilt Outfits from Aberdeen so please allow at least two weeks notice for us to hire in your requirements.